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With this great combination solved problems face. Coconut oil and baking soda is mixture for clean face.


With natural mixture remove all excess dust and dirt, dead skin cells, acne, redness and scars. Baking soda can maintain your skin’s normal pH levels and get rid of acne, therefore it is an amphoteric compound. Coconut oil possesses strong healing, moisturising and antibacterial features.


What you need:

1 spoonful of baking soda without aluminium

2 spoonful of coconut oil with extra virgin

Method of preparation:

-Blend the ingredients in a small bowl to create a paste-like mixture.
-Apply the paste to your face rubbing it in gently.
-Let it act for around 5 minutes.
-Rinse it off with lukewarm water massaging your face at the same time.
-As coconut oil will deep-hydrate your skin, you don’t need to use a moisturizer afterwards.


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