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What concerns is that more and more young children have the problem with obesity and some are even born obese.

We live in a chaotic and busy world where most of the people don’t have time to eat properly and have a healthy diet. That’s why it is quite difficult to maintain proper body weight these days.

Overweight people have a higher risk of high blood pressure, digestive disorders, cardiac problems, diabetes, ulcers, thyroid problems, gout, etc.

In most cases it causes physical and psychological stress;

Fast weight loss diets plan

When you conclude that you are overweight, you should make diet plan. It is recommended to follow these tips:

Consume a little less food than you feel you need. Try to consume meals that are small enough so you could feel hungry every 3 hours;

Start and end your day with a glass of lukewarm water;

Do not drink water during and after meals;

Choose a liquid diet with various soups and milk. 25-30% of your meals should be liquid while the rest can be solid food;

Don’t eat after 8 PM. But if you feel hungry drink a cup of milk or take a piece of fruit;

Try to walk at least four times a day for 15 minutes, before meals.

Consume lightly cooked vegetarian food.

For snacks, you can have lime juice, seasonal fruit, smoothies or salad. However, you shouldn’t eat snacks more than 4 times a day;

Do not consume junk food (fried foods, hot-dog, canned food, sweets, processed foods pastries, pizza, as they are rich in chemicals and preservatives);

Don’t drink too much coffee, alcohol , soft drinks, tea , and canned juice.

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