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The center of the Breuss Disease Cure is an inflexible eating routine, which comprises of a 42-day quick in blend with unique vegetable juices and teas. Extra suggestions are incorporated, for example, to maintain a strategic distance from supposed water veins. As indicated by Breuss’ hypothesis, tumor requires strong sustenance to get by in the body.

The cases of viability are not upheld by worthy confirmation and there are no solid logical information to help the asserted method of activity.

It is likely that the prescribed quick could be unsafe for malignancy patients in light of the fact that there is a potential danger of general ailing health. As Breuss bans traditional malignancy treatment while patients experience his treatment, there is a hazard that patients will suspend customary treatment.

Logical examinations of the advantages and perils of Breuss Malignancy Cure are deficient.

What is it?


The center of the Breuss Malignancy Cure is an unbending eating routine comprising of a 42-day quick in blend with unique vegetable juices and teas. Extra proposals are incorporated, for example, to evade supposed water veins.

Rudolph Breuss was conceived in Austria in 1899. He initially filled in as a circuit repairman, and later as a naturopath. He built up the Breuss Malignancy Cure or Breuss Add up to Growth Treatment. Breuss kicked the bucket in 1990.

Fixings, application and dose

He made this one of a kind squeeze that gives remarkable results to managing tumor. He has treated more than 45, 000 individuals who battled with growth and other hopeless sickness with this strategy. Brojs expressed that malignancy can persevere through just with the assistance of proteins.

He composed an one of a kind eating regimen which goes on for 42 days, and he proposes drinking essentially tea and his unique vegetable juice, with beetroot as its primary fixing. Amid these 42 days, the tumor cells starve and kick the bucket, while your aggregate wellbeing is improved.

To set up his exceptional juice you require natural veggies. Here’s precisely what you’ll require:

Beetroot (55%),.

Carrots (20%),.

Celery root (20%),.

Potatoes (3%).

Radishes (2%).

You essentially need to put every one of the parts in a blender and mix them all well. That is it, you get ready to begin your treatment.

Just remember not to overstate it with the utilization of the juice, refreshment as much as your body needs.

Beetroot is ample in against oxidants, C, B1, B2, B6 vitamins, folic and pantothenic corrosive, and the minerals– potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, press, zinc, beetroot is pondered to be a standout amongst the most wellbeing helpful veggies. The red shading in beets originates from fuchsia colors alluded to as betacyanins.

An assortment of research ponders have really affirmed beetroot is amazingly gainful in treatment against leukemia and malignancy.

Most importantly, beets are copious in betaine, which is an amino corrosive with compelling anticancer properties. Besides, it’s a solid mitigating, cell reinforcement and detoxing delegate. Research thinks about confirm that betaine harms cells in the development tissue.

Beetroot can be utilized for the treatment of heaps of sorts of disease and the discoveries of one investigation uncovered that 100% of themes managing tumor positively reacted to beet treatment.

It’s advantageous for pregnant ladies because of the way that it contains abnormal amounts of folic corrosive. It improve the capacity of the liver and bother bladder, maintaining a strategic distance from clogging. It helps with cerebral pains, toothaches, diarrhea, bone issues, skin issues and menstrual inconveniences. It’s a genuine generally useful therapeutic plant which should be a basic piece of each eating routine.

The treatment is portrayed in three books composed by Breuss, however it isn’t certain whether the distributers have changed, included or forgotten unique explanations. For instance, the English interpretation of Breuss’ book does not say that he didn’t permit radiation treatment and infusions simultaneously with his treatment. Assist alterations were composed by Thomar.

Breuss unbendingly stipulated that malignancy patients are not permitted to drink or eat something besides the juices and teas he suggested for a period for 42 days. He gave strict guidelines about the readiness and ingestion of particular juices and teas. Juices incorporate beetroot, carrots, celeriac, dark radish and potatoes in situations where the patient has been determined to have tumor of the liver. All vegetables must be naturally developed and vegetable residue were to be expelled. The most extreme ingested measure of juice was 500 ml for every day.

Breuss designated three teas for a wide range of tumors: “sage tea”, “kidney tea” and “cranesbill tea”. “Sage tea” incorporates Salvia officinalis (sage), Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort), Mentha piperita (peppermint) and Melissa officinalis (emollient) in a particular proportion. The tea could be taken as wanted. “Kidney tea” incorporates horsetail Equisetum arvense (analgesic), Urtica dioica (stinging weed), Polygonum aviculare (knotgrass) and Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s wort), at an uncommon proportion and to be taken just for the initial three weeks. “Cranesbill tea” incorporates Geranium robertianum (red cranesbill) and just a single some chilly tea ought to be ingested every day. For extraordinary sorts of tumor, extra teas are prescribed. The utilization of sugar was not allowed.

In instances of leukemia, patients would need to drink the prescribed teas and juices, however could eat whatever else except for meat soup, hamburger, pork and warmed nourishment (the English interpretation notices hamburger soup, pork, substance sustenance added substances, consumed nourishment and fats).

Breuss additionally stipulated that patients ought not begin the Breuss Growth Cure instantly after surgery, however should sit tight for no less than two to five months. No simultaneous medicines were allowed amid the treatment. He suggested outside air and exercise, and smoking ought to be ceased. Besides, the patient ought not lie above purported “water veins” (wellsprings of ground radiation) and ought to stay away from moth powder, bug sprays, airborne jars or air fresheners in the house. Breuss expressed that patients who had finished the Breuss Growth Cure ought to never again eat warmed sustenance, yet could be permitted to bit by bit begin eating salt-diminished, light nourishment, and should drink around 60 ml of the vegetable juice every day for another two to a month.

Extra guidelines were included 1987: patients ought to have maybe a couple dishes of onion soup a day (just the fluid). To help the heart, patients should take 20 to 40 drops of Crataegus oxyacantha (hawthorn) tincture. Individuals with diabetes should proceed with insulin treatment.

Directions distributed in 1990: for substitution of calcium and potassium, patients should drink a tea produced using Plantago lanceolata (plantain spear), Plantago significant (wide leaved plantain), Cetraria islandica (Iceland greenery), Pulmonaria officinalis (lungwort), Glechoma hederacea (ground ivy), Verbascum thapsus (mullein) and Ligusticum mutellina (Meum mutellina herb). Patients with liver or annoy bladder issues should drink a juices of bean cases rather than onion soup.

Cases of adequacy

Breuss asserted that since 1950 he has effectively treated more than 2000 patients. He assessed that since 1986, an extra 40 000 patients with malignancy and other “hopeless infections” had been mended by the utilized of his strategies. As evidence he refered to tributes and letters of thanks written in the period from 1971 to 1985. Breuss guaranteed that treatment disappointments could just happen if his guidelines were not entirely clung to. He trusted that around one million individuals could be mended, “if the alleged malignancy inquire about and the standard medication would be with me rather against me.”

Component of activity/claimed signs

Breuss hypothesized that tumor cells live solely on strong sustenances (“… the main patients that passed on were patients that were offered a remark”). He guaranteed that tumor cells are not ready to feast upon vegetable juices and growth cells pass on if patients just ingest vegetable juices and uncommon teas for a time of 42 days. Breuss cited Bruno Vornarburg who said that the cancer-causing process bolsters on proteins and that a tumor can not keep on existing if the patient lives on a sans protein eat less carbs. Moreover, Breuss asserted that after a sans protein eat less carbs, the body assaults and decimates the tumor like “surgery without a blade”. Breuss trusted his mediation was a cure, as well as served preventively against tumor.

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